The 10 creative tweets of the week (# 41)

Double dose of tweets on this Monday of recovery. After our selection of the best reactions of CM for the transition to the year 2017, we invite you to discover our usual top 10 best tweets of the week.

Let's go !

I managed to save an oyster discreetly, I released it in the nature through the window. Fly small, fly! # Eve2017

- Rémynou (@RemynouLeChat) December 31, 2016

This beautiful gesture of the week.

I think they called it New Year's Eve because the next day you all have the face in Stallone

- Keyzer Söze (@keyzer_usual) January 1, 2017

I saw it!

Hello everyone except those who will make phone calls all day like a Wall Street trader to find an evening tomorrow.

- Quent1 SVJ (@QBINZE) December 30, 2016

we all know ...

The world of colleagues is divided into 3 categories: those who bring back croissants, those who bring the gastro and those who bring back too much.

- Tania (@TaniaKessaouti) December 30, 2016

t those who bring her back to Twitter.

Tonight, to avoid a peak of noise pollution during the countdown, only even numbers are allowed to come out of your mouth.

- Death (@LaMortLaVraie) December 31, 2016

sound pollution.

I have just finished the most scary literary work in the world. I do not recommend It's called "December credit card statement".

- Thibault Brock (@thibaultbrock) December 28, 2016

my sensitive abstain!

Go Vidance! Go Vidance! Go Vidance!

- Gaoutte (@Gaoutte) December 29, 2016

Obviously, we keep a spelling champion.

thanks everyone ❤️

- ️ (@milIioneyes) December 31, 2016

When you have too many friends and notifications for the New Year ...

François Hollande looks like me at school he wakes up in the third quarter but brother is too late

- Amine 👌🏿 (@AmineMaTue) December 28, 2016

she compares.

My neighbor who enjoys a little strong => my son who asks me if she is happy because it still opens Christmas presents.

- whalebird (@gravillonne) December 28, 2016